List of 4 Best Commercial Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

If you looking for a commerical automatic soap dispenser for your business premises, you just have come to the right place. We have reviewed the best 4 of them below in this article.

best commercial soap dispenser

Automatic Foam Soap Touch-free Dispenser

This is a real product for smart people. It is the best bathroom accessory you cannot afford not to have. The Automatic Foam Soap Touch-free Dispenser combines water, soap and air in the ration of thereby creating a very rich form for the washing of your hands. The finishing touches in the design of this dispenser brings in an aesthetic and trendy look of your kitchen, bathroom and any other place you may choose to put it in. it is really a cool and very modern design that you can’t fail to admire.
It is a wall-mount and touch-free or rather an automatic dispenser of soap in foam form. Installation is very simple since tapping it and screwing can be done by anyone who is able to hold a screw driver in your home. Its capacity of Tork® 1100 ml can easily be refilled and will take quite some time before it gets finished to need refilling again. The 4 “C” batteries that it uses are durable and economic to have.

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ASI 20365 | American Specialties Roval Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

This is a highly recommended product as it is designed with the modern classic trends in mind not leaving quality behind. The ASI 20365 | American Specialties Roval Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser holds 33.8 oz of foaming soaps that range from 5-1500cP in viscosity. The volume of single shots produced by the unit is between 0.5-0.33 oz. this is pretty economic for use in your home. It is operated by a hand free sensor that’s digitally powered by AA size 1.5 V batteries. It is also fabricated and is translucent to enable the user to see the remaining amount of soap. The ASI 20365 | American Specialties Roval Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser is mountable on the walls for efficiency and to enhance that aesthetic appeal that every one seeks for.

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Technical Concepts 750411 Wall Mount Auto Foam Dispenser


Coming with 5.25″ Length x 5.18″ Width x 10.86″ Height, the Technical Concepts #750411 Wall Mount Auto Foam Dispenser is chrome coated and black in color, all for the good appearance of the unit for use in any environment. It features refill levels together with battery life indicators. It is also a very reliable unit that’s controlled to ensure that soaps are not released in their very concentrated forms as this can be very expensive. By the fact that it is a touch free product, all the risks of contamination are highly reduced and at times totally eliminated. This is truly among the most reliable, automatic, wall mounted foam soap dispensers you must have in your home.

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Tork 572020A Foam Soap Automatic Touch-Free Dispenser

The Tork 572020A Foam Soap Automatic Touch-Free Dispenser comes in color white hence very appropriate for your kitchen together with the other rooms. The black colored unit is also available for those who may prefer that. It is among the automatic foam soap dispensers that are a true balance of value as well as luxury. It guarantees you up to five times the number of hand washes that you would receive from the other units hence economic to run. The unit uses 4 “C size” dry cells.

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