Grohe Soap Dispenser Installation Instructions & Common Problems

The installation of the soap dispenser is the easiest job if you spend some time to assemble the soap dispenser. While assembling, you should  follow the instructions carefully. Before  installing the soap dispenser, you should  select the suitable place for it. Then you can  further proceed the process  of installation.

Grohe Soap Dispenser

At the time of installation, there are some risks which you should consider.


Read the below instructions carefully before installing the soap dispenser.

  • Initially, determine the size of the hole needed for your dispenser. You have to measure the base size of the dispenser’s pump.
  • You can keep your soap dispenser  in the kitchen or in the bathroom. You have to fix it by drilling the wall.  The hole has to be made based on the soap dispenser’s size.
  • Remove the package of the soap dispenser and fit the rings into the hole of it. Suppose when it comes with a double-sided tape, remove the  thin  paper covering the  tape and carefully centre it  into the hole on the wall.
  • You can screw the reservoir into the hole with the help of the threads.
  • Then, fill the reservoir with the liquid soap using the funnel, which will simplify the most tedious task.
  • In the base of the ring, you have to keep the tube of the pump.
  • Finally, press it many times to begin the flow of the pump.


  • The dust which is present on the soap dispensers has to be cleaned with dry cloth rather than using the wet cloth. Make sure that  you use the right cleaning compound to improve the condition of the soap dispenser. Otherwise, the dust may get deposited on it  and damage the quality  of the dispenser.
  • The wall surface where it is to be mounted must be clean and dry. It produces improper band if any of the contaminants are present on it.
  • After installation, avoid filling the soap dispenser for  about 24 hours.  The silicone weigh more than the weight of the soap dispenser and thus it takes more time to cure it.
  • You should use both the double-faced tape and the silicone adhesive, at the time of installation.

These are the easy steps to install the grohe soap dispenser.  Follow the instructions in assembling the soap dispenser carefully. If you find this article to be useful, share it on social networking sites.