[Best] GBB Touch less Automatic Soap Dispenser Reviewed

Hygiene is a very important aspect in our lives today. Cleanliness is more important than it has ever been. It’s worth noting that cleanliness is always associated with smartness as well. Soap dispensers have really improved on the hygienic status of many. Technology keeps on improving and the technology used in making the modern dispensers is outstanding. One dispenser that has been designed putting this modern technology in mind is the GBB Automatic Soap Dispenser. This article is a clear GBB Automatic soap dispenser review which will help you know the good and bad of it.

The GBB Automatic Soap Dispenser

GBB Touch less Automatic Soap Dispenser Reviewed

Having thousands of customers and hundreds of amazon reviews, it clearly tells you that people are buying this product and you can’t just be left out of this bandwagon. The dispenser is made of stainless steel and is used for dispensing soap, sanitizer among others. It is absolutely just the best Automatic Soap Dispenser for your bathroom.  At a price of just $14.99 together with free shipping, you rest assured that your kids will enjoy the experience without having to dirty everything in the house.

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Product Description

This product is a necessity for all those who find it necessary to stop the contamination of other members of the family. Germs should be contained so that they are not just allowed to move anyhow in the house. The GBB Automatic Soap Dispenser is very ideal for the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Designed using the infrared sensor technology, it allows the home users a touch less operation.  This is more convenient in comparison with the other dispensers that are hand operated as the former keeps germs from spreading while the latter does.

The unit is made of durable stainless steel and carries a capacity of 250ml/8 ounces and is very easy to fill and refill. It is therefore not only appealing in the bathroom but is also very user friendly.
How to use: 

  1. The dispenser uses AAA batteries. These are placed in the battery compartment after you buy the product. The batteries take up to six months hence are very economic for everyone to afford.

  2. Soap is then filled to that desired level

  3. The round button found at the top of this dispenser is then pressed for some seconds till the indicator turns red. The soap will come out in duration of one second. If you want to prolong the time of release, press the button again and it will be prolonged for two seconds. If you want it to last for three seconds, press the button the third time.

  4. You then put your hand below the nozzle to experiment. The soap flows out.

  5. Press the round button continuously for a few seconds and when the indicator light is turned out, the unit will have been switched off.

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  1. Never mix different types of batteries or even mix new and old batteries.

  2. If the indicator light of your unit flashes red after every 6 minutes, you need to change your batteries.

  3. Never use the rechargeable batteries

  4. If you are not intending to use the unit for prolonged times, it’s important that you remove the batteries.

I hope you liked the review of GBB touchless automatic soap dispenser, I welcome your suggestions and comments to improve this article.