ASI Roval Automatic Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser Models

The updates in the soap dispenser industry have led to a germ-free environment. In olden days, people used plain water to wash their hands when subjected to an untidy activity. Later, the soap bars were replaced with the soap dispensers which were filled with the liquid soap and can be operated by pressing the pump button at the top.

ASI Roval Automatic Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser

This lead to a problem of wastage of the liquid soap as the kids used to press the pump as a part of their mischievous activity. With the advancement in this field, they were then replaced with the touchless automatic soap dispensers which use a sensor to detect the hand movement and releases only the required quantity of liquid soap for a single use. They then took hold of the soap dispenser market as they were easy and economical to use.

Why roval?

Roval shape is a unique shape of the soap dispensers which gives a pleasing look to the washrooms or any other area where it is mounted. Especially, a commercial washroom will look stunning with these round edged soap dispensers. As the roval dispensers are made of stainless steel on the outer, they are durable and have a long lifespan. The back panels are easy to access and are capable of easy installation.

What are the different models of the ASI soap dispensers?

One among the automated products the ASI, Inc manufactures and market includes the automated soap dispensers. The models that are in the form of a roval include the following.

ASI 0347 Vertical soap dispenser

This surface mounted soap dispenser model is made up of stainless steel with a satin finish. The product contains a tank which is capable of holding liquid up to 40 oz. The tank can not only, be filled with the antibacterial soap liquids, but can also be filled with liquid detergents. It is designed to be mounted vertically.

The liquid that is to be refilled to the tank can be done with the help of the refill door; present at the top of the dispenser, using the key that comes along with the product. The all purpose soap valve is made of a plastic material which is built with a push button made of the stainless steel. As it is an automatic soap dispenser, it does not require pushing or twisting the handle for ejection of the liquid.

Key features: Stainless steel outer, refill window, closed top

Pros: automatic soap ejection, durable, vertical surface mounted

ASI 0345 Horizontal soap dispenser

This model is similar to the above model except for that it has to mount horizontally on a surface. Apart from this variation, this product holds the similar tank capacity of 40 oz just like the above model. It is also made of stainless steel outer and has a satin finish. Also, the product resembles the 0347 model with the refill window present at the top which is closed to prevent dirt entry. It also features an all purpose soap valve which detects the hand movement and automatically ejects soap with a pressure that does not exceed beyond 5 lbs.

Key features: Stainless steel outer, closed refill window,

Pros: automated technology, horizontal mounting, easy to use.

ASI 20365 Automatic foam soap dispenser

The particular model of the soap dispenser is capable of holding a liquid of up to 33.8 oz. The liquid soap which you fill should be of 5-1500 cP viscosity range. In a single shot, the dispenser dispenses up to 0.03 oz of foaming liquid approximately.

The product is built with a sensor which is capable of sensing the hand movement when operated using 4 AA size 1.5 V batteries. It is made up of stainless steel outer with a satin finish to look beautiful. The dispenser also includes a LED unit at the front to indicate the operational condition. As the tank is translucent, the amount of soap present in the tank can be viewed by the user and is easy to be refilled when it runs out of liquid.

Key features: Stainless steel outer, satin finish.

Pros: Foaming liquid ejection, translucent tank, and easy refill.

ASI 9343 soap dispenser

This is a soap dispenser which is of mounted type and is made of stainless steel to be durable. It consists of a tank which is capable of holding liquid soap of capacity 48 oz which can be filled with any liquid of your choice. It also consists of a plastic soap valve and a push button. When the dispenser senses hand movement it operates at a pressure of 5 lbs and ejects liquid at a single shot. The product also features a soap level viewing window which can help you to monitor refilling. With the help of the cabinet locks, the dispenser remains safe.

Key features: Bulk tank, stainless steel outer

Pros: durable, cabinet locked top, easy to clean.

These are the different models marketed by the ASI Company. Choose a roval dispenser which matches your interior and meets your family needs. Consider purchasing a model which can hold the liquid to be used by the entire family.