ASI 20333 Deck Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser-Review

Soap dispenser has become an incredible part in many kitchens. They are also referred as hand sanitizers and using a soap dispenser will develop a hygienic environment in the home. The soap dispensers can be used either manually or automatically. The automatic soap dispensers offer hygienic environment than the manual soap dispensers.


There are various types of mounting mechanism in the automatic soap dispenser. Among them, the deck mounted soap dispensers are widely preferred because they can be placed easily in the washing desk. An important product in deck mounted soap dispenser is ASI 20333 soap dispenser. Some important features of this dispenser are listed below.

ASI 20333 soap dispenser

This is a deck mounted automatic soap dispenser with advanced function and features. This product is from American specialties and it is very easy to install. This is also referred as bench mounted soap dispenser and it has many features and benefits.


The capacity of this soap dispenser is high and it can hold 1600 ml. of soap liquid. The dispenser of soap liquid at each shot is about 1.25 ml. This device has a hands-free sensor and the operation is initiated by this sensor. This sensor is operated with the help of batteries and the batteries are placed within a screw locked compartment. Commonly used batteries in this sensor are a D size alkaline battery and this device needs 4 batteries for working. Further, the sensors are connected to a microprocessor circuit and this circuit will do the further process.

The outer covering of this device is made up of stainless steel alloy with a polished finish. This alloy is rust resistant and can withstand any condition. This stainless steel also has the sensor region for placing the sensor.  This device also has a LED light indicator which indicates the user when the soap liquid is low. The contour tank is translucent and it can display the remaining soap within the box at any time. Refilling the contour tank is very easy and it can be done simply with the help of push button.


This unit can be easily installed with the help of rubber washers near the wash basin. The battery compartment should be mounted on the sufficient location. Fill the tank with the soap liquid within the viscosity of 100-3500 cP. The operation of this dispenser is very simple. This unit dispenses the soap liquid whenever the object is placed within the sensor range. As mentioned above, this device will dispense 1.25 ml. of soap liquid whenever the object is within the sensor coverage. If there is less soap level then refill the tank for continuous service. Once the device is mounted check for batteries, the viscosity of soap liquid and level of the soap liquid for efficient service.  Other than this you should clean the soap dispenser for durable use.


This soap dispenser is works automatically as the best soap sanitizer. Its hand free mode keeps the people hygienic and helps them to maintain their health. This is an eco-friendly sanitizer that reduces cross contamination. LED indicator indicates whenever there is low soap liquid and this phenomenon helps the user to refill it easily. This device has easy refill mechanism and a bulk refill capacity. As this device is operated by battery, it does not require any electrical wiring. This device is durable, rust resistant and has easy installation method. This dispenser has an elegant look and can be used in any places.

Key features: D size battery, LED indicator and stainless steel alloy.

Pros: Eco-friendly, automatic and easy installation.

These are some of the important specification and benefits of ASI 20333 soap dispenser. Hope this article is useful to you. Use this product and share your views in the box given below.